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“Magic – Box” iPhone Magic Web App Demo:

The above demo is just one of the many ways you can use this free magic app to perform a trick.

Magic – Box (Free download)

The Mystery of the Four Ladies!

The magician shows the audience the four Queens in the box before he secretly selects one Queen for his prediction and closes the box. The magician then deals out four Queens on the table for the audience to pick one card. The magician smiles when he sees the card selected by the audience. He opens his box and shows the audience a card inside. When the audience touches the card it flips and reveal the same card chosen by the audience!

Reviewers’ Comments

  • “You must be kidding with me right??!” – John Lee
  • “This box is truely magical! I have inspected your app and there is no way you could have guessed it right every time!” – Abby Johnson
  • “How can you give this away for free?!” – Keith B.
  • “This is genius! I got to use this on my friends!” – Ken Huang

Why Get This Web App?

  • This magic web app edition is FREE for you to download and own
  • Be the star attraction at all the parties you are attending
  • Have fun at holiday and birthday parties and on dates
  • Use it as an ice breaker game at the bar or gatherings with friends and family
  • Use it to entertain your kids
  • Amaze and mystify your audience instantly
  • Repeatable to the same audience
  • Learn this amazing trick in 1 minute when you receive our user guide
  • Designed using highly visual and intuitive graphical interface
  • This magic web app can also be used offline

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