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As featured in the April 2011 issue of the M-U-M Magazine for the Society of American Magicians, reviewed by Bruce Kalver.

“Magic – Cup” iPhone Magic App Demo:

The above demo is just one of the many ways you can perfrom this trick using the “Magic – Cup” app.

Magic – Cup (Now on iTunes App Store)

Three Cup Monte Reinvented!

The audience hides the ball in one of the three cups and swaps them around with your back facing him. You turn around and hover your hand above the screen to try to feel the location of the hidden ball. Moments later, to the surprise of your audience, you open a cup to reveal the correct location of the ball!

Next you tell the audience that it is now your turn to hide the ball in one of the cups and swap them around for the audience to guess the right cup. But to make the task simpler for the audience, he can watch you swap the cup. However, no matter how closely the audience follows the movement of the cups, he is not able to guess it correctly each time, unless you want him to!

Lastly, to further demonstrate your mysterious power over the cups and ball, you magically teleport the ball from one cup to another cup with your finger and a coin at will right in front of the audience! By now, your audience will be completely amazed and baffled by the awesome power that you possess over the cups and ball!

You have become the ultimate Three Cup Monte hustler and you are always in control!

Reviewers’ Comments

  • “I have been staring at the cups for TEN minutes and I still have no clue how you are able to locate the ball every time!” – Jonathan
  • “This is CRAZY! Where is the ball?! I am sure it is here! You’re killing me!” – Elizabeth A.
  • “This defies all logics and physics! Do it again!” – David S.
  • “There must be SOMETHING going on here but I just can’t put my finger to it! Tell me the secret now!” – Jasmine Ho

Magic - Cup Screen Shots

Why Get This Magic App?

  • Be the star attraction at all the parties you are attending
  • Have fun at holiday and birthday parties and on dates
  • Use it as an ice breaker game at the bar or gatherings with friends and family
  • Use it to entertain your kids
  • Amaze and mystify your audience instantly
  • Hustle your friends to death with this age-old cup trick
  • Repeatable to the same audience
  • Combine the three magical effects to create your own unique routine
  • Learn how to perform the Three Cup Monte trick with actual physical cups
  • Learn this amazing trick in 2 minutes with our video guide included
  • Designed using highly visual and intuitive graphical interface
  • Double your fun when performing on iPad
  • Best Cups & Ball¬†magic app on the App Store. Period.

Get from App Store

“I’ve won three rounds of drink tonight already with this classic app. Get free drinks easily and have some fun anytime!” – Simon Davis


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