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Q1. Do your magic trick apps work on my iPod Touch?

A1. The apps are designed to work on iPod Touch second, third and forth generation too. The minimum iOS required to run the apps are:
  • Magic – Card : iOS 3.0
  • Magic – Cup : iOS 3.1.2
  • Magic – Eye : iOS 4.2

Q2. Do your magic trick apps work on my iPhone 3GS

A2. The apps are designed to work also on iPhone 3GS too if they meet the minimum iOS requirement stated above.

Q3. How about iPad?

A3. The apps are designed to work also on iPad by default. Magic Cup trick will be great for iPad while Magic Card and Magic Eye tricks will be more suitable for iPod Touch or iPhone.

Q4. Are your tricks easy to perform?

A4. If you know how to operate your iPhone or iPod Touch, you will definitely know how to perform our tricks. We provide clear and simple to follow instructions on both the device and online to guide you along the way. I promise you that in no time, you will be eager to dazzle your all your friends with your new tricks.

Q5. Should I subscribe to your in-app mailing list to receive my bonuses?

A5. Yes you should! Join our no-spam mailing list from within the app that you have purchased, you will be promptly rewarded with access to additional bonus materials on our website only avaliable to our customers. There are many secrets that we can only reveal to you on our private bonus pages. This is one of the ways that we can thank you for your willingness to connect with us further.

Q6. Why I can’t get back to the menu screen easily in Magic – Eye?

A6. You may have to perform the secret swipe for more than once in order to get back to the menu screen from the trick screen. This is by design to protect the secret from preying eyes.

Q7. I am still having a problem with the 3-finger swipe gesture. How?

A7. To execute the 3-finger swipe correctly, you need to swipe the screen from the top to the bottom in one motion. A common problem that prevented the app to recognize the 3-finger swipe gesture is a setting in the General>Accessibility>Zoom page. Switch off this Zoom setting as it interfers with the secret swipe. See screen capture below.


Three-finger Secret Swipe


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